Prof2Prof Webinar: Beyond the Journal Article - Lessons Learned from Sharing Research with Policymakers


8 am PST // 9 am MST // 10 am CST // 11 am EST

How can you broaden your scholarly impact beyond “just” publishing your research findings? By joining the growing number of academics sharing their research with policymakers! This isn't easy work. Academics have a unique culture and communication style that doesn’t always align with the needs of policymakers. In this 60-minute webinar, we'll help you close the divide between those who produce scholarship and those in a position to use it to effect policy changes. We'll cover (a) why it's important to do this work, (b) key considerations for building relationships with, writing for, and speaking to policymakers, and (c) lessons learned working with elected officials and government leaders. You'll walk away with ideas and inspiration to get more involved in policy work and create the scholarly impact you always hoped to achieve.

Our featured guest is Heidi Normandin. Heidi is owner of Above the Fray Consulting. She has 17 years of experience working closely with policymakers and government leaders, including 10 years at the University of Wisconsin–Madison and seven years at a national education policy organization. She knows the challenges and thrill of communicating academic research so that policymakers can understand it and developing strategies so they will act on it. She has a master's degree in public affairs and public policy analysis from the UW-Madison La Follette School of Public Affairs.

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