Create a Virtual Showcase of Graduating Students

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in widespread cancellations of graduation ceremonies.  Are you looking for ways to virtually showcase your graduating students and their accomplishments?  Prof2Prof is a cloud-based platform for resource-sharing, networking, and discovery.  Higher education professionals and students can share their work and expertise, as well as exchange academic content on an unprecedented scale.

Prof2Prof for Students:  Students may join Prof2Prof as affiliate members, sponsored by their college or university.  They receive a dedicated profile page (see example image or use the link below) on which they can share resources they have created, establish project workspaces, and highlight expertise. This profile is theirs to keep, a parting gift from their institution. As they graduate and move through their careers, schools, colleges, and departments can more easily communicate with their former students as well as learn about their professional trajectories.

Virtual Graduation Celebrations: A special use case of Prof2Prof is the ability to create a virtual showcase of graduating students.  Colleges and universities can include profile links for all of their graduating students on departmental websites, accompanied by a celebratory announcement. Students can also share their profile link with family and friends, as well as employers and future academic programs.

Maintain Students' Connections with Faculty:  Encourage faculty to join Prof2Prof so that graduating students can "follow" them and stay connected. Maintaining these connections can help  generate a desire to give back to the degree program or college in future years.

Lifelong Learning Opportunities for Alumni:  By establishing a virtual connection between graduating students and their academic programs, lifelong learning opportunities, such as workshops, certificate programs, and other continuing education resources, can be easily shared with alumni.

Here is a link to an example of a student profile on Prof2Prof:

Through August 2020, university and college sponsorships of graduating students are available at an 80% discount.  Memberships for higher education professionals and doctoral students remain free.

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