Khiara Bridges, Professor, Boston University

When I was writing The Poverty of Privacy Rights, I had particular ideas about how the book might be used in courses and what kind of discussions the book would prompt among students. Prof2Prof helped me to communicate those ideas to other professors — greatly increasing the likelihood that the book would be used in the way that I had imagined when I was writing it.

Ahna Skop, Professor, University of Wisconsin-Madison

The Prof2Prof site is an excellent place to share and learn about new programs and innovative teaching approaches from colleagues around the country. It has helped me network with faculty that I otherwise would not ever bump into or meet.

Tova Walsh, Assistant Professor, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Prof2Prof gives me a way to reach beyond my personal network to connect with and learn from people around the world who study and teach similar topics. In the past, I've both passed along and received articles, syllabi, and teaching activities from colleagues and friends. Prof2Prof opens the door for me to discover and share resources with a larger circle of people who share my interests. 

Franklene Baker, Adjunct Professor, Grand Rapids Community College

The Prof2Prof site is a wonderful resource for Higher Education educators.  It encourages me to update and revise my Blackboard of assignments, exams and rubrics.  

The reminders to post information and read other shares continues to motivate us to provide current resources to students as well as to other educators.

I have utilized and shared rubric ideas, Business Articles and innovative assignment ideas, while making many great connections.

Katie Maguire-Jack, Associate Professor, University of Michigan

I have been using prof2prof for over a year and I tell all my colleagues about this site! The first time I used the site, I was searching for resources to use in my family violence course for undergraduate and graduate students at Ohio State University.  I came across a class assignment that related to understanding how prior experiences and biases can affect decision-making related to child maltreatment.  I adapted the assignment to work as an in-class exercise and it was great! I used it again this year and the students were so engaged and it really helped frame our discussion of the definitions of child abuse.  I have also used this site to help inform my course syllabi and to connect with colleagues.  It is great to have a resource that makes it easy to share teaching materials and collaborate with new and old colleagues.

Sarah Christa Butts, Executive Director, Grand Challenges for Social Work, University of Maryland-Baltimore

As a manager within a large national network of academics who are working together to address a science supported social agenda, we were in need of an efficient mechanism for sharing our work and collaborating to achieve goals related to education and learning.  Prof2Prof solves some of the resource-sharing needs and has capacity to serve as an intellectual hub for our ongoing activity.  I am excited about the possibilities of the platform for our profession as it seeks to address the 12 Grand Challenges for society. The site allows members to connect, collaborate, and learn from peers in other disciplines and is likely a means to foster transdisciplinary learning. My hope is that Prof2Prof lifts the contributions of social work and is a piece of the puzzle that helps us to make progress on the Grand Challenges.

Elizabeth Odders-White, Professor, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Most university websites are aimed at a general audience, which can limit what people are willing to post. Because Prof2Prof gives me a way to share things directly with an academic audience, I'm much more comfortable posting materials I've developed for my classes.  My hope is that the resources I share can save people time and energy; we are all so busy... we certainly don't need to reinvent the wheel for every assignment!