Prof2Prof:  The Professor-Centric Ecosystem for Higher Education

With the launch of Prof2Prof in August 2017, academics now have a “professor-centric” platform for easily managing their professional profiles and a broad range of intellectual products related to research, teaching, higher education administration, and the delivery of student support services.  In just a few short months, our members represent six continents, over 30 countries, and numerous academic disciplines. 

Prof2Prof founder, Kristen Slack, comments: “As a professor of nearly 20 years, I was inspired to create a platform that elevates the incredible contributions made by academics all over the globe.  I have always believed in the power of sharing—we all get better at what we do when we learn from the best examples of our peers.”

In the coming months, Prof2Prof will be introducing several new functions that will further enable resource sharing and academic networking in unprecedented ways.  Stay tuned for more exciting news!