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Member: Kristen S. Slack
(University of Wisconsin - Madison)
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I am the founder of Prof2Prof, the higher education ecosystem for academic professionals.  Faculty and instructors, researchers, administrators, student affairs specialists and doctoral students affiliated with a college or university are all able to join the site for free. Affiliate members may also join if sponsored by an organization or agency outside of academia.  Colleges and universities may also sponsor affiliate memberships for their full student body.

There are numerous uses for the Prof2Prof platform.  Some of the most common are listed below:

1. Use the platform as your professional landing page to showcase your professional self and the broad range of contributions you make to academia.  

2. Create a home for your academic networks, e.g., teams, committees, academic programs, or groups that share a similar research, teaching or interest area. Your network can initiate a profile page on Prof2Prof, or create a "workspace" that can be made private to the group, or discoverable by other site members.

3. Find resources for course planning, research, program administration and the provision of student support services.

4. Find and network with individuals conducting similar work around the world.

5. Promote your professional services (e.g., speaking, consulting) and even businesses you establish of interest to the academia space.

Contact me at if you have questions about the platform or wish to establish an affilate membership.