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Member since: May 2021

Hi! My name is Noor (she/her), and I identify as Arab Canadian. My background is mainly in biological anthropology. My research interests are mainly in the evolution of sleep, rapid eye-movement sleep, dreams, and consciousness research. I wish to further understand the social benefits of rapid eye movement sleep and dreaming, and namely, how these behaviours may have evolved to maximize social cognition. I also enjoy combining both arts and sciences together, and contrary to what most think, I believe that these two areas of study are not too far off from each other. Given the bizarre nature of dreams, dreams often make a wonderful source of inspiration for artworks such that movements like "dream art" and "surrealist art" have become relatively popular. More broadly, my research will have applications within psychological and forensic settings.

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4 or 4+ year College/University
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University of Toronto
Physical and Biological Anthropology
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