Social Work History: Lessons for Doctoral Education in Divisive Times (Slides with Speaker Notes)

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These are slides with my speaker notes for my 2023 GADE keynote presentation.

Title: Social Work History: Lessons for Doctoral Education in Divisive Times

Description: In this keynote presentation, we will delve into the complex history of the social work profession and its relationship to white supremacy, colonialism, and racism. Drawing on lessons from our shared history, we will explore how social work has both perpetuated and responded to historical atrocities between the 1860s and today, with a particular focus on the ethical dilemmas that social workers have faced when decisions of conscience challenge the law and professional values. We will discuss the resistance efforts made by historically marginalized populations and the social work profession itself against inequality in pursuit of social and racial justice. By understanding the origins of the term "social work" and what it means to populations historically left out of dominant Eurocentric social work efforts, we can equip social work doctoral students with the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate such complex ethical dilemmas in promoting a more civil, equitable, and just society. This keynote presentation is an important forum for purposeful dialogue on how we can draw on the lessons of social work history to prepare doctoral students for the challenges of today's divisive times.

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Harty, J. S. (2023, March 29). Social work history: Lessons for doctoral education in divisive times [Keynote]. The Group for the Advancement of Doctoral Education in Social Work (GADE) Annual Conference, University of Texas at Arlington.