Special Issue: Economic Causes and Consequences of Child Maltreatment

Member: Kristen S. Slack
(University of Wisconsin - Madison)
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The special issue editors sought empirically rigorous analyses that move beyond descriptive and correlational findings. Whereas not all the articles in this special issue inform a causal understanding of the associations between economic indicators and child maltreatment, they all address new aspects of these associations, and collectively move the needle on our understanding of the role of income and poverty in child maltreatment. The articles can roughly be grouped into five themes focusing on relations of: (1) economic resources with child maltreatment and child welfare involvement; (2) neighborhood socioeconomic factors with child maltreatment; (3) the macro-economy, income-related policies, and child maltreatment; (4) economic factors and out-of-home placement outcomes; and (5) experiencing child maltreatment and out-of-home placement with young adult socioeconomic outcomes.

Note: the articles are behind a paywall. Feel free to contact me or any of the authors for a copy of an article.

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