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Searching for fellowships can be a hit and miss process, and often students (and faculty) become aware of fellowship opportunities through word of mouth or through a general search of the internet, where you may or may not find relevant hits and undoubtedly miss things.  I've always thought--there needs to be a centralized place where people can search for fellowship opportunities.  I came across the site  It has many of the fellowships that I am aware of in my own area of research, which seemed promising.  The search filters sometimes don't work very generously, but searching the key word box appears to work reasonably well.

Also sharing a google doc that contains a list of funding resources, and another document that I put together a few years back. Not all fellowships/postdocs may still be available. If you notice something that is inaccurate I would appreciate it if you messaged me and I will make the correction.


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